2024-04-28 Update: I upgraded to my existing 23.10 (Mantic) installation to 24.04 LTS (Noble). See upgrade notes here: https://kernelpanik.net/upgrade-ubuntu-asahi-23-10-mantic-to-24-04-lts-noble/

A quick personal summary on using Ubuntu Asahi on a MacBook Pro (14" M2 Pro, Model j414) with arm64 CPU.

What I need and works

  • OpenGL 4.6 and OpenGL ES 3.2
  • Internal speakers
  • Additional USB3 ports, RJ45 Ethernet via USB-C hub
  • Internal HDMI
  • Internal card reader
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Screen brightness and keyboard backlight control

What I need and doesn't work yet

  • DisplayPort / HDMI via USB-C adapters / hubs (workaround: DisplayLink dock via USB and DisplayLink/evdi driver)
  • Thunderbolt / USB4 (for proper Thunderbolt dock to connect multiple screens without DisplayLink)
  • Working Widevine plugin in Firefox (snap): Glibc version in "core22" base snap is too old (workaround: use non-snap Firefox or wait for future Firefox snap to be based on "core24")
  • Updated mesa (for OpenGL ES) in Firefox (workaround: use non-snap Firefox or install 'gnome-42-2204' snap package of "asahi/stable" channel)

What I don't really need

  • Internal microphone (I use a Bluetooth headset)
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • HDR / 120 Hz refresh rate